Who are we?

hefa is a pioneer in the field of refrigerated cabinet construction. What is that? Everything that deals with refrigeration in the gastronomy, for example cooling counters. Counters from which we enjoy a cool drink after work or a wine vending machine for those of us who prefer a nice red wine. And if we want to rise above ourselves again, we design a chocolate kebab on the side. 


So we are many things - but certainly not boring. On the market, we are distinguished above all by our patent, the "plug-snap system", which distinguishes us from all our competitors and enables us to fulfil almost every wish of our customers. This makes work in the hefa exciting and varied.


Be simple, but different.


Being different doesn’t always mean going the harder way. To be different and to stand out can be just as easy as driving the same direction as the others.


Being different means growth. Even slight deviations cause us to rethink and create something new.


Being different means flexibility. The flexibility to fulfil any wish you have and to adapt to new requirements.


So just be different.

Our values


Empathy is an important basic element both internally and externally. We put ourselves in our clients' shoes to the best of our knowledge in order to provide them with the best possible advice, as well as in our team colleagues to enable respectful cooperation.


Reliability is the basis for any kind of cooperation. Our customers can rely on us to react quickly and be available at all times. Internally, too, the basic element of good teamwork is trust in and support from colleagues.


For us, flexibility means being open to new perspectives and possibilities - a high willingness to change and mental agility. In this way, we try to fulfil all the wishes of our customers and are always thinking in new directions in order to grow constantly and be able to adapt to future requirements.


Like any other brand, the customer has high expectations of the product and can rely on a constant or improving standard. Therefore it is our goal to maintain and increase our high standard. In doing so, we pay attention to highest precision in all steps of the work.


A team consists of several people who bring different skills and use them to solve a specific task or achieve a specific goal. This includes passion and motivation, discipline and the ability to cooperate. It is particularly important to us that we treat each other fairly and respectfully. Each individual assumes responsibility for his or her own actions and is loyal to his or her team colleagues.

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In times of a pandemic, there is a great deal of uncertainty about what processes still work normally in daily business.


hefa as your cooling counter supplier is fully available for you. All already placed orders are manufactured on schedule and are ready for delivery on time. For inquiries and new orders, our sales department is there for you in changing staffing. Order processing and engineering are also available to our customers without restrictions.

Also we cannot promise that materials will be fully available in the long run. But we are well prepared and have stocked up on sensitive components such as digital controllers in good time.

Trade goods from Italy have partly been delayed, but we will inform you promptly about any current developments.


Stay healthy and contact our sales department at any time for questions.