Complete catalogue 2020

Complete catalogue 2020
in print version

Warranty claim

Here you will find our
warranty claim.

Costumized brochure

We are known for fulfilling almost all our customers' wishes, you can find a small excerpt of this here.

Sample swatch

 Our counter sample swatch for your customers as PDF.

Operating instructions refrigeration unit

Operating instructions for plug-in refrigeration units
- Status April 2020

Cooling cell Zoom -
Technical information

All technical information about our cooling cells Zoom.

Cooling cell Evolution -
Technical information

All technical information about our cooling cells Evolution.

Price list individual counters

Catalog 2020, Chapter 2 -
Price list individual counters

Price list refrigeration/

dispensing technology

Catalog 2020, Chapter 5 - Refrigeration/ Dispensing Technology

Price list cooling showcases/
-trays/ -plates

Catalogue 2020, Chapter 8 -
Cooling showcases/ -trays/ -plates

Price list cooling cells

Catalog 2020, Chapter 11 -
Cooling cells

Complete catalogue 2020

Complete catalogue 2020
in web version

Warranty services

Here you can download our warranty services as PDF file.

Product brochure

Here you can find all our products at a glance.

Instruction digital thermostat

Here you will find the instructions for our digital thermostat.

Care instructions for cover

 Care instruction cover

- Status July 2014

Assembly and operating instructions for cooling cells

Assembly and operating instructions for our Light and Zoom cooling cells.

Assembly and operating instructions for cooling cells

Assembly and operating instructions for our Basement and Evolution cooling cells.

Price list cocktail counters

Catalog 2020, Chapter 3 -
Price list cocktail counters

Price list covers

Catalog 2020, Chapter 6 -
Covers/ worktops

Price list refrigerated

storage units

Catalog 2020, Chapter 9 -
Refrigerated storage units

Terms and conditions

Our general terms and conditions of business and delivery.

Damages in transit

Important information on damages

in transit.

References brochure

Whether Burj al Arab, the Allianz Arena or Schloss Elmau, our products can be found in the most diverse places in the world.

Adjustment possibilities

of the hinges

Side, depth and height adjustment of the hinges

Mini cooling cell Light -
Technical information

All technical information about our
mini cooling cells Light.

Cooling cell Basement - Technical information

 All technical information about our cooling cell Basement.

Price list series counters

Catalog 2020, Chapter 1 -

Series counters

Price list beer bars

Catalog 2020, Chapter 4 -

Beer bars

Price list paneling & design

Catalog 2020, Chapter 7 -

Design Program

Price list industrial kitchen

Catalog 2020, Chapter 10 -
Industrial kitchen

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In times of a pandemic, there is a great deal of uncertainty about what processes still work normally in daily business.


hefa as your cooling counter supplier is fully available for you. All already placed orders are manufactured on schedule and are ready for delivery on time. For inquiries and new orders, our sales department is there for you in changing staffing. Order processing and engineering are also available to our customers without restrictions.

Also we cannot promise that materials will be fully available in the long run. But we are well prepared and have stocked up on sensitive components such as digital controllers in good time.

Trade goods from Italy have partly been delayed, but we will inform you promptly about any current developments.


Stay healthy and contact our sales department at any time for questions.